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Wax on, wax off, or the importance of repetition

I baked another rye sourdough bread today. 300 g bread flour to 200 g rye, 12 g of salt and 200 g of active starter. It came out great, apart from the slashing I tried, which caused the crust to break in unexpected places. Still, the flavour is there and I am finally beginning toContinue Reading

Midweek baking

When Mr. Duess and Mr. Stephenson talk to friends, and frequently strangers, about their adventures in the kitchen where they bake bread, cure meats and lure unsuspecting lacto-acidic bacteria into carefully prepared habitats there’s one all to frequent question: “Where do you find the time?” Now, both Mr. Duess and Mr. Stephenson are far fromContinue Reading

A simple sourdough bread

This is rapidly becoming our standard, always-have-a-loaf-around, bread. The recipe is very simple, the result is tasty; with a crisp crust and a chewy, flavourful interior. You’ll need: 350g unbleached bread flour 150g rye flour 15g kosher salt, ideally 10g smoked, 5g plain About two tablespoon full of highly active sourdough starter About 250ml waterContinue Reading