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Makin’ Bacon. The movie. Part 2.

This is the video companion to the second part of our posting on Makin’ Bacon –  Makin’ Bacon – Part 2. The Big Smoke. As food-wunder-geek Alton Brown said, “Until you’ve made your own bacon, you haven’t eaten bacon”. So kick back, light up a nice blow torch (don’t ask…just watch), and check out theContinue Reading

Makin’ Bacon – Part 2 The Big Smoke

Alright. Where were we. Oh yes. Home made or artisan made bacon is simply the best thing ever. Once you’ve had it, it is not an easy thing to forget! We cannot say enough good things about the transformation that the humble pork belly makes when it is cured and then either smoked or simplyContinue Reading

Makin’ Bacon. The movie. Part 1.

After some toiling, we here at Stephenson and Duess are pleased to bring you our first full video tutorial. This is the video compliment to the “Makin’ Bacon” posting from last week and its about…well…making bacon. We’re quite excited to be bringing you videos here and we’re working towards making these tutorials a regular feature.Continue Reading

Makin’ Bacon – Part 1 Doing the Cure

Bacon is the best! Everything is better with bacon. I’m not talking about all these silly bacon ice creams and chocolate bars that are flooding the specialty stores right now – I’m talking about braises, stews, soups and long walks on the beach. It is the most adored of all the meats. I have seenContinue Reading

20 lbs of Bacony Goodness

Today I started 20 lbs of bacon. This is my biggest run so far! I’m doing a cinnamon/fennel/allspice bacon, a simple maple bacon, and an italian-spiced bacon (like pancetta spices). I’ve put together some documentation for the process – even shot a little video, along with recording the spice recipes and the cure and willContinue Reading