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Chris and Hiroko’s Yakiniku Extraveganza

Chris and Hiroko’s wedding was lovely and a lot of fun. We had the pleasure of spending a bunch of time with them and a group of their close friends. It was a quick but excellent trip. We arrived in Vancouver on Thursday and spent Friday and Saturday afternoon prepping for the reception meal. WeContinue Reading

Kombu and Katsuo Dashi Recipe

This is the Dashi recipe used for Chris and Hiroko’s Yakiniku extravaganza. Kombu and Katsuo Dashi 8 inch kombu (dried kelp) 2/3 oz. (I just used a small handful) katsuobushi (dried bonito) flakes 4 and cups water Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and use as a soup base or sauceContinue Reading


Mr. Duess will love this one, its all about cooking things quickly…again as a way of emphasizing the freshness and quality of the ingredient. I have been invited to cook the dinner for my brother, Chris’s, wedding. It’s a casual affair with 30 or so people attending. He requested that the meal be relaxed andContinue Reading

Cold smoked bacon

The cold smoked bacon is ready for consumption. This is what it looks like: It turned out absolutely delicious. The 36 hour cold smoke, and the subsequent hanging in the basement, means that the flavour is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Here’s how to do it Wait for fall. You’ll needContinue Reading

Makin’ Bacon. The movie. Part 2.

This is the video companion to the second part of our posting on Makin’ Bacon –  Makin’ Bacon – Part 2. The Big Smoke. As food-wunder-geek Alton Brown said, “Until you’ve made your own bacon, you haven’t eaten bacon”. So kick back, light up a nice blow torch (don’t ask…just watch), and check out theContinue Reading

Makin’ Bacon – Part 2 The Big Smoke

Alright. Where were we. Oh yes. Home made or artisan made bacon is simply the best thing ever. Once you’ve had it, it is not an easy thing to forget! We cannot say enough good things about the transformation that the humble pork belly makes when it is cured and then either smoked or simplyContinue Reading

The first run

While it is way too warm, and will be until fall, to properly cold smoke meat and fish, I wanted to at least try the smokehouse.  In went some hard boiled eggs, a handful of heirloom tomatoes and some salt. As you can see, it worked very well.Continue Reading

The cold smoker

Today I finally tested the cold smoking box I’ve been building. The smoker is about 6″ high, built from pine on the inside and cedar on the outside. The box sits on a concrete block foundation to keep it dry and has a shingle roof. Smoke is generated by a smoking bullet, fixed to theContinue Reading