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Charcoal tempura

We love tempura, but the smell of deep frying in the house is always a serious disincentive to making it. We don’t believe in single use appliances, and also don’t eat fried food all that often, so we don’t own a dedicated deep fryer. Enter the little Chinese charcoal brazier I picked up at TapContinue Reading

Chris and Hiroko’s Yakiniku Extraveganza

Chris and Hiroko’s wedding was lovely and a lot of fun. We had the pleasure of spending a bunch of time with them and a group of their close friends. It was a quick but excellent trip. We arrived in Vancouver on Thursday and spent Friday and Saturday afternoon prepping for the reception meal. WeContinue Reading

Kombu and Katsuo Dashi Recipe

This is the Dashi recipe used for Chris and Hiroko’s Yakiniku extravaganza. Kombu and Katsuo Dashi 8 inch kombu (dried kelp) 2/3 oz. (I just used a small handful) katsuobushi (dried bonito) flakes 4 and cups water Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and use as a soup base or sauceContinue Reading


Mr. Duess will love this one, its all about cooking things quickly…again as a way of emphasizing the freshness and quality of the ingredient. I have been invited to cook the dinner for my brother, Chris’s, wedding. It’s a casual affair with 30 or so people attending. He requested that the meal be relaxed andContinue Reading