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Long Lost Blog and Banker’s Bacon

Well it’s been a long, long time since we have had a new blog post. I know that Mr. Duess and I have been busy with work and renovations and children and and and and… What you likely do not know, though, is that we have been back at it. Back and bacon makin’. OhContinue Reading

Home made ginger ale

Ginger Ale, like many sodas, started life in the drugstores of early 20th century America. And unlike the artificially flavoured concoctions often sold as ginger ale today the original didn’t just pack a flavour punch, it also contained all the medicinal properties that ginger is justly famous for. Thankfully, making your own ginger ale isContinue Reading

The great bacon making of 2009

Today I picked up 10 pork bellies at the Springfield Farm Store. The pork is from local, naturally raised pigs, no hormones, no antibiotics. Tomorrow we’ll be starting the cure. Our butcher, shown in the picture above, has agreed to let us use her cold room, so we don’t run out of fridge space atContinue Reading

The first run

While it is way too warm, and will be until fall, to properly cold smoke meat and fish, I wanted to at least try the smokehouse.  In went some hard boiled eggs, a handful of heirloom tomatoes and some salt. As you can see, it worked very well.Continue Reading

The cold smoker

Today I finally tested the cold smoking box I’ve been building. The smoker is about 6″ high, built from pine on the inside and cedar on the outside. The box sits on a concrete block foundation to keep it dry and has a shingle roof. Smoke is generated by a smoking bullet, fixed to theContinue Reading