Stephenson and Duess like making food the way food was made before marketing, production lines, and pure profit motive got ahold of it. Straight forward ingredients, time tested preparation and preservation techniques, and a touch of obsession have yielded some truly excellent results shared with friends and family. Stephenson and Duess are about recovering basic food preparation techniques in a modern urban context. Using a combination of old and new technologies, they’re working their way through cooking methods that have sustained us for eras – from curing to fermentation to smoking. Its new heritage cooking.

This site documents the experiments and experiences as well as collating valuable resources. We will be opening an online store in the near future. Please keep an eye out for it.

Who is Mr Duess?

Mr. Duess started life on an isolated farm in the middle of a forest, where his grandfather smoked bacon and kept bees and his grandmother grew vegetables for the family in her kitchen garden. It was what could be described as an idyllic life.

Naturally, as is the way of teenagers anywhere, Mr. Duess wanted nothing to do with this kind of thing and run away to London, England, where he fell in with entirely the wrong crowd and had a blast running warehouse parties, drinking with Australians and staying up way too late, way too often. In his spare time he made a career out of selling stuff to people through advertisements, first as an Art Director, then as a Creative Director in some of London’s finest ad agencies.

Now, older and sometimes a little wiser, Mr Duess lives in Toronto, Canada, where he is a one of the owners of the Fisheye Corporation, a Connection Architect practice. In his spare time he is busy rediscovering the things his grandparents knew.

Who is Mr. Stephenson?

Mr. Stephenson hails from the north – Whitehorse, Yukon to be exact. He grew up running around in the woods, skating his paper route, living in alternating winter darkness/summer midnight sun, and hosting a weekend music show on the people’s radio (CBC). A career as a media type lured him to Toronto where he quickly fell in love with allnight diners, rock and roll shows, and making television.

Now, having spent half a lifetime in the city, Mr. Stephenson’s attention is spent between his partnership at Trace Pictures where he is the executive creative director, his work as a graduate student in communications at York/Ryerson University, cooking and hunting. Mr Stephenson likes boxing, steak – but not overcooked- , Bushmills and doing interpretive dance routines. He dislikes loud dogs in the morning, inattentive waiters, and ketchup.