Pickle update

I tried the wild fermented cucumbers today. There’s been minimal residue on top of the water, nothing that could not be removed with a quick wipe with a paper towel. What this means is that the lacto bacterial flora I am after is healthy and thriving, with the nasties beaten into submission.

The pickles will still need some time, but the sourness is definitely developing. There’s already a depth of flavour that’s promising great things to come.

  • Richard Boyd


    Could you please advise the design for your smokin bullet if ut is home made.

    If not where can I get one.

    Great site and info.

  • Mr Duess

    Hi Richard

    The smoke bullet is made by a guy in the US and sold from this website: http://porkypas.com

    Tell the owner you saw it on our site if you decide to order from him. Best of luck.

    Mr. Duess