Bacon Craze

I think that the bacon craze is a good thing. Who could not benefit from the pleasure of a nice slice of homemade or artesian made bacon?

I do, however, think that it gets quite ridiculous at times. A colleague brought me in a bacon chocolate bar the other day. It was adorned with the image of a voluptuous Nigella look-a-like who encouraged us to scratch the surface of the bar and inhale carefully, bite into it, let it melt slowly on the tongue and then savor the memories conjured up by the complex mix of applewood smoke, salt, pork and chocolate. It really was a bit of romantic wankery. On wonders about the marketing blub. In the end, the very potent chocolate overpowered everything and it ended up tasting like seasalt chocolate which is very good, but not particularly subtle.

On the other side of the coin, do wish that “The Bacon of the Month” club existed here in Canada. A different artesian bacon sent to you every month sounds delicious.

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