The Other Bacon. Not a Pretty Sight.

Mr. Duess will love this one. While I was looking about on the internet to make certain that our very recently and most excellently produced instructional bacon video was the best bacon video ever made by a human being ever, I discovered a monstrosity of epic proportion and singular pertubation.

Just to be clear, what you are about to see here has nothing to do with how we make bacon or how we would ever even think of making anything at all. This video really highlights how far away from food the “food industry” is.

YouTube Preview Image

Yes…this pretty much confirms that unless you make your own bacon or buy it from a reputable small provider or organic provider, you’re pretty much eating directly from the ass of evil. “…time to put the coffee on and scramble some eggs…” the video says. Holy crap…literally. I may drive a fast car Mr. Duess, but this video gives speed a bad name.

This video puts in to perspective why we are doing what we’re doing here at Stephenson and Duess.

The actual reality of industrial food – especially industrial meat – really comes into view in this video. I’ve watched it a few times now and have to say that, with each view, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that what we are doing here is not just about making good food and having a good time; it is really about recovering food from industrial production, marketing and “experts”. Food IS something that you can make at home, with friends, with good ingredients, with enjoyment. If you do a bit of legwork, it really does not cost much more money. It does, as Mr. Duess is fond of saying, take some time, but even this can be rolled into moments with friends and family or taken as a time to decompress.

In any event, I think that we could and should work our way through these industrial “How its Made” videos. It will be good for a bit of entertainment. It will also, and I’m certain about this, be good information and imagery from which we can sharpen our mission.

How does the saying go? There are two things you don’t want to see being made, hotdogs and legislation.