Makin’ Bacon. The movie. Part 1.

After some toiling, we here at Stephenson and Duess are pleased to bring you our first full video tutorial. This is the video compliment to the “Makin’ Bacon” posting from last week and its about…well…making bacon. We’re quite excited to be bringing you videos here and we’re working towards making these tutorials a regular feature.

So Without further ado, lower the lights, kick back and enjoy “makin’ bacon”. Don’t forget to pick up a dozen Stephenson and Duess pork nipples for a snack (don’t ask…just watch). For the recipes, please see the original posting.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Mr. Stephenson

    To see the total and complete opposite of our homemade bacon, check out our little story on the industrial bacon making process. At:

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  • Art Stephenson

    I wasn’t going to post this, but having some historical perspective on the path of ‘the cook’ hiding vegetables under his plate, passing food to the dog, and establishing food territories…it is simply amazing and heart warming to see this…and the joy in it all.

    The Dad

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  • Mr. Stephenson

    To be fair to Mr. Stephenson Senior, yes – I will admit that it is true, as a younger fellow, that I would share my food with the dog and occasionally hide it in my pocket or under my plate. To my defense, I will highlight that it would always be peas, carrots or broccoli…never meat and especially never bacon. In fact, I might argue, that if the vegetables I generously passed along to the washing machine, the dog, or the backside of my plate had been prepared with bacon, I might have been inclined to keep them for myself. This is the bacon truth of my childhood and has lead me to this restless quest for the holy grail of bacondom.

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  • Mr. James

    Mount bacon-I’d like you to meet George Forman.

  • Mr. Stephenson

    Ahhh Mr. James, you sure know how to pick a fight! I’ve got my money on Mount Bacon…unless George brings that pesky grill into the ring.